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June 6th, 2018
CSS & JavaScript tabs

Today I was doing some more messing around with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The more I get the hang of how these work together, the more I understand how complex web apps can be made...

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June 5th, 2018
An update

I've just been plugging away at Colt Steele's bootcamp; according to Udemy I am only 22% complete. I've watched up through DOM manipulation using JavaScript, but haven't started......

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June 4th, 2018
Simple Javascript To-do

A simple to-do list in JavaScript. Type some text into the input field and then click 'Add' to add an item to the to-do list. Once you're done with the item, click on it to cross...

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June 3rd, 2018
Colt Steele's Bootcamp

Classes don't start through OSU until June 26th, so I've been mulling around the internet looking for resources to learn coding in the meantime...

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June 2nd, 2018
I'm going back to school

Hey everybody, I'm pleased to announce that I'm going back to college! On June 26th, 2018 I'll be starting classes--two, in fact. CS161 (Intro to C++ Programming) and CS225 ...